Us, lately

Why, hello there!!
Long time no see...
Turns out moving into our yet-to-be-finished hanmade home has taken a lot of work and adaptability. We moved in without electricity or running water but little by little we´ve have been setling in and it feels more like Home each day that we live in it. It´s still very hot summer ´round here, so living with just one layer in the walls (isolation still uninstaled) has turned out alright, specially since we began using our wood burning cooking stove (the best!).
So, a lot has been going on, and since it´s summer we´ve had a lot of people around, whereas it´s usually just the three of us (plus Juana the dog and Viernes the cat) and I´ve had little or no time spent in front of the computer. I have, however, taken a bunch of photos, so here I am to share a selection of them with you to show you a little of what we´ve been up to, lately.
1: always good to be home
2: Sourdough Bread, fresh from the oven
3: Papa making music with a pipe, baby having a blast
4: Mama bought Vouge, to get a little sense of "The World Out There"
5: Home grown basil for Pesto!
6: Our kitchen, the heart of the house
7: Baby asleep behind a Tulle, to keep annoying flies out!
9: Playing with his buddy Noah
10: The wind
11: Kneading for the first time over the amazing butcher´s block Carlos made
12: Our spitited Joey, singing along
13: Making Kefir Cheese! (yum)
14: Babylovin
15, 16: Hi there!
17: Playing with auntie Joey
18: Papa´s tools are fun
19: Great grandma!
20: The first day we turned on our wood burning stove
21, 22, 23: with auntie Joey
24: work!
25: yum yum yum
26: papaaaaa
27: cousins
28: plaing with cables
29: out for lunch
30: good old fun

blessings to all, hope to hear from you!


we are here!

photos for the december photo project, days twelve and thirteen
we are in our new home!!!!
even though it´s not quite ready
but we are so happy to be here and feel truly lucky and blessed
it´s been a lot of work and there´s still so much more to be done, but it´s oh so worth it.
I´ll be back soon with a bigger update, right now I´ve gotta get to that bed where the rest of the family awaits, asleeps



Yesterday we celebrated nine months since the amazing day in which our son was born. Carlos hung a swing for him in our house (into which we still haven´t moved) and he LOVES it!!
Since yesterday he´s already been on it at least five times and while he´s on it he smiles and giggles and sings. Yes, he sings!! to the feel and rithm of the swing, aaaah what a cutie!! It´s no secret I´m in love over here, people, in LOVE!!
ps: this is yesterday´s dpp ten post...


day nine

Our new friends!!!!
Napoleon y Carmela


the moon

the moon is soon to be full
could it be why the energy feels electric?
a little bit of tension and a bit tired
we really wanna move to our house already...
ps: dpp, day seven



dpp, day four

on day four, Carlos began laying our kitchen´s floor...


dpp, day three

on day three of the dpp , I couldn´t decide between these three...