we are here!

photos for the december photo project, days twelve and thirteen
we are in our new home!!!!
even though it´s not quite ready
but we are so happy to be here and feel truly lucky and blessed
it´s been a lot of work and there´s still so much more to be done, but it´s oh so worth it.
I´ll be back soon with a bigger update, right now I´ve gotta get to that bed where the rest of the family awaits, asleeps



Yesterday we celebrated nine months since the amazing day in which our son was born. Carlos hung a swing for him in our house (into which we still haven´t moved) and he LOVES it!!
Since yesterday he´s already been on it at least five times and while he´s on it he smiles and giggles and sings. Yes, he sings!! to the feel and rithm of the swing, aaaah what a cutie!! It´s no secret I´m in love over here, people, in LOVE!!
ps: this is yesterday´s dpp ten post...


day nine

Our new friends!!!!
Napoleon y Carmela


the moon

the moon is soon to be full
could it be why the energy feels electric?
a little bit of tension and a bit tired
we really wanna move to our house already...
ps: dpp, day seven



dpp, day four

on day four, Carlos began laying our kitchen´s floor...


dpp, day three

on day three of the dpp , I couldn´t decide between these three...


dpp, day two

this is my first entry for this year´s December Photo Project. I missed day one cause we had to take a quick trip to the city yesterday to see our friend´s art show opening and the camera stayed and rested... as it turns out, last year I also missed the first day, so it seems to be part of the tradition for me.
Time for interneting is limited for me these days, but I´ll try to keep up.
Today´s photo is little B inspecting one of daddy´s tools...