TOday I attended a Yoga class for the first time in about a year or so. It felt sooo good to strech out, stay still, focus on my breath and become aware of my body parts. Ii really look forward to practicing a lot during my pregnancy, it makes me feel powerful and confident and happy. I was all smiles on the way out wich is super good cause it actually has been hard addapting to a new country, new season, new weather, new everything lately. After the class we came home and cooked some delish italian handmade pasta with a "fressh sauce" wich was basically a salad of chopped tomatoes, garlic, onions and little ginger, topped with yummy parmesan. Loved it!!
Wishing you all a very good nite!
(the photo is me in 2004)


Dear Blog

I have been keeping a little secret from you: We´re having a baby! I am 8 weeks today and to celebrate I decided to share this news with you. I now know what morning sickness is, have been taking almost guilt-free naps, prenatal vitamins and tea and reading the amazing and inspiring book Ina May´s Guide to Childbirth by Ina May Gaskin, wich makes me feel like I am strong enough to have a natural and hopefuly Home Birth. Although sometimes I doubt about how much personal things should go into this space, I basicaly felt like I couldn´t keep writing anything without sharing this most important news.
Love you little baby in my belly!



So we´ve officialy changed our location on the map completely now. Here we are in sunny -and very hot- California. We arrived on san Francisco on thursday, stayed there for one night with Carlos´sister and the next day after some walking around the city, got on the bus and came to Healdsburg, where we as planned are to stay until late October before heading back to Chile.
Right now to tell the truth my energy has been kinda low and I´m not, say, quite used to all the change, and staying at someone else´s house, even if they are dear friends, is hard when you´re used to being the queen of your own home. For now I share a photo and wish who ever´s reading a lovely, lovely day.



by our friend lavina yelb

where´s home?

Transition period is hard for me! I feel homeless aaaaa! I´ve come to discover in the last couple years there is for me no gretaer joy than the joy of your one home filled with your own special loved ones. We left the beloved farm last week, arranged temporary homes for our two cats and dog and are preparing for our upcoming trip. Next thursday we´ll be heading of to the other side of the continent, and are, for now, rather homeless. We are also preparing other surprises which are not yet to be internet-shared but are surely very o very exiting news.
So, here I am on my last days of cold winter before heading summer. Just had breakfast with delish ricotta berries pancakes! yum!


We will fly

we got our tickets, we will fly to california on the 15! I´m spending some days at my family´s house as we make arrangements to leave and Carlos leaves the Angels ready for the show on our return. I miss the farm life sooooo! Aaaaaargh! The beauty, the rithm, the fire, the smells, aaaah! But, new times ahead, gotta adjust, be strong, and go with the flow. Summer here we come!
Drawing my the man (I love).
Bless you, me, and everybody else.