So we´ve officialy changed our location on the map completely now. Here we are in sunny -and very hot- California. We arrived on san Francisco on thursday, stayed there for one night with Carlos´sister and the next day after some walking around the city, got on the bus and came to Healdsburg, where we as planned are to stay until late October before heading back to Chile.
Right now to tell the truth my energy has been kinda low and I´m not, say, quite used to all the change, and staying at someone else´s house, even if they are dear friends, is hard when you´re used to being the queen of your own home. For now I share a photo and wish who ever´s reading a lovely, lovely day.

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Alicia Rodríguez Passalaqua said...

i agree with you dana!!!
when someone or something comes to your life and changes eerything, might be problematic and taugh at the beggining. that´s also hapening to me at this time.

my best wishes for you and carlos in this adventure.