8 facts about myself

1. I looooove pan con palta
2. I love sleeping, specialy when cuddled to my itos
3. I put sugar on food when cooking to make it secretly yummier
4. I feel like I´m flying when i ride a bike
5. I love putting clothes in the washer and the hanging them,
I specialy adore the smell of fresh detergenty white sheets
6. I was a vegetarian for six years but quit that and now
am the biggest meat eater ever
7. I secretly daydream about being a hollywood star
8. I´m in love, with my itos, my family (specialy my twin nephews)
and happily, life


We´re Back!

ooooooooooo so happy to be back! we spent since friday in Santiago
cause my cousin Paula´s wedding took place yesterday, and though
in was fun and nice to see our families it was also kind of exhausting!
I´ve been fighting a cold wich takes a lot of energy away, and it´s
starting to get colder here!
Anyways, just real good to be home in the campo, with all the animals
and my lovely man by my side.


Today was a really great day, i got a lot more work in protools done than any previous day here so far. C´s family came fore the weekend which was lovely, and my parents where also close-by at the beach house so we had, as you may imagine, continuous delicious bbqs, breakfasts, and fun family moments, it was really great! C´s little brother Antonio is totally cute and recorded a voice track for us _genious!!
we had potato pumpkin cream soup for supper with blue cheese poppy seeds cucumber lettuce salad and some asparragus, de-lish!
Also, I gotta the latest Vogue issue, quite beautifull and inspiring.


Soon more pics!



The loaf of bread he made

Sneeking a peek into his studio

Going for a walk. It´s just him and me so of course I take a lot of pictures of him. Love Life!

More Pictures

My love and my sisters´

Outside of the kitchen


The Greenhouse!

Here´s Juanita and our lovely firewood holder that Carlos built.

Here´s my lovely man, the bikes and the entrance to our home


I came to the city for today so i finally get the chance to upload some photos. Here are some from a walk we took on sunday to a close by hill. I love life! I´m happy!