BM´s First tooth!

Balthazar Mundzuk´s first tooth made it´s appearance today, after very little fuzzing the last few days. I´m proud of you my little monkey! I love you! In these photos you can´t see his brand new tooth cause I haven´t got it in photo yet, but what you can admire is his long and fluffy, just washed blonde hair. Sigh...


Morning Walking

When we used to live here last year, we had no baby yet, and our mornings where quite slow... we didn´t get up until until eight thirty or nine and had extended moments at the breakfast table. Now with Balthazar, who wakes up every day in a striking good mood around seven, many mornings we set off, after (or sometimes before)some breakfast, and go out for early morning walks around the land. It´s winter now, and even though the days have been sunny and beautyful, the night time brings quite a chill, and early in the morning there is frost all over the bright green grass.
I absolutely love this new ritual, and so does specially the little one. He very much enjoys riding in his buggy covered with a cozy wool blanket my mama knit for him, but sometimes he just goes in arms or "worn" in a baby wrap.
Here are some shots for our early morning sunshine walk a couple days ago.
Wishing you the best I say good night, from a cozy spot close to the fireplace in the deep quiet night.


We are Here

At the farm again.
Starting to build a dream.
Hope you are well
Wishing you the best from a stary night
in the middle of a field in Chile