Exciting News

So we made the move to the farm, but we´re still staying on a little house that is not ours... the exciting news is we´re building a house!! Actually, Carlos is, all by himself with his own two hands. How exciting is that?!
I´ll keep you updated, here you can see the first step!!

Music Sharing

We listen to a lot of music in this family. Really a lot. It´s a big part of our lives. We are constantly inspired and affected by new music and I often feel like sharing a song I love here on the blog. So I decided to create a Sound Cloud account so that I can upload tracks and share them with you. Today I want you to hear this beautiful song by Josephine Foster from the album Graphic as a Star. The album is formed by 27 Emily Dickinson poems made into songs and it´s great, soft and femenine but strong and alive at the same time. I discovered it shortly after my bub was born and we´ve listened to it together countles times. This is one of my favorite songs in the album, Tell as a Marksman. I love how it builds up and has a very pasionate energy. I leave you with the song, and below you can read Emily´s poem and sing along.
Tell As A Marksman--Josephine Foster by LOVE LIFE

Tell as a Marksman — were forgotten by Emily Dickinson

Tell as a Marksman — were forgotten
Tell — this Day endures
Ruddy as that coeval Apple
The Tradition bears —

Fresh as Mankind that humble story
Though a statelier Tale
Grown in the Repetition hoary
Scarcely would prevail —

Tell had a son — The ones that knew it
Need not linger here —
Those who did not to Human Nature
Will subscribe a Tear —

Tell would not bare his Head
In Presence
Of the Ducal Hat —
Threatened for that with Death — by Gessler —
Tyranny bethought

Make of his only Boy a Target
That surpasses Death —
Stolid to Love's supreme entreaty
Not forsook of Faith —

Mercy of the Almighty begging —
Tell his Arrow sent —
God it is said replies in Person
When the cry is meant —


Get well NOW, my boy!

My dearest baby Mundzuk has been a little sick for the first time ever with a cough. It´s the first time for me as a mama to be worried for my boy like this and it´s hard! My love is so big that emotions sometimes get out of hand. It reminds me of being pregnant, fearing all the "what ifs" of pregnancy and childbirth and trying to make the fears fly away and dissapear. Now I just want my boy to be well and stop with this cough so he can sleep and play peacefuly.
So I just came by the blog to get make a statement over here in the interworld: Get well NOW beautiful baby Mundzuk!!!
We love you!
You are dewicious!!
ps: remember on my last post I said to check out my baby´s blond hair? Well don´t you think it looks rather redish on these pics? Smiles.... He´ll probabably have brown hair when he´s older. Brown hair and blue eyes, sigh!