Get well NOW, my boy!

My dearest baby Mundzuk has been a little sick for the first time ever with a cough. It´s the first time for me as a mama to be worried for my boy like this and it´s hard! My love is so big that emotions sometimes get out of hand. It reminds me of being pregnant, fearing all the "what ifs" of pregnancy and childbirth and trying to make the fears fly away and dissapear. Now I just want my boy to be well and stop with this cough so he can sleep and play peacefuly.
So I just came by the blog to get make a statement over here in the interworld: Get well NOW beautiful baby Mundzuk!!!
We love you!
You are dewicious!!
ps: remember on my last post I said to check out my baby´s blond hair? Well don´t you think it looks rather redish on these pics? Smiles.... He´ll probabably have brown hair when he´s older. Brown hair and blue eyes, sigh!


The Franglaise said...

Now that you point it out - yes, he is totally red haired at the moment. How sweet! Get well soon cute baby boy. Besos

Paula said...

pikiño!!!! get well NOW!!I know what you mean, it happened to us recently, but before you know it everything will go back to normal, you just have to cuddle and give lots of love...he's a strong boy...aaand so handsome! ;) love and smiles and wellness for you all...


ashley said...

oh look at that little smile! he is just scrumptious:) x ashley