Exciting News

So we made the move to the farm, but we´re still staying on a little house that is not ours... the exciting news is we´re building a house!! Actually, Carlos is, all by himself with his own two hands. How exciting is that?!
I´ll keep you updated, here you can see the first step!!


The Franglaise said...

That is one big project! But it'll be so rewarding when you move in to your house. Very excited for you lady!

tea with lucy said...

i can't tell you how much i've enjoyed the building process. i've always loved the creative process of translating ideas into something real. . . but this is on a grand scale!

The yellow flowers you asked about are wattle or acacia. The trees look like nothing special most of the year, but are an amazing burst of colour when they are flowering.

Maria Prieto said...

How AMAZING!!!! I am grateful to you three, you make my days brighter :)

one claire day said...

it is a dream of mine to build my own house on a large piece of land! You guys are so lucky! :)