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Construction Progress Update!

As you can see, the floor is almost done!! Next up: Walls!!! Exciting stuff for sure!!! xx


In the box

Hello my Peoples!! I missed you! Did you miss me? Been away from here looong long, but well, I guess not much news to share except: Baby is growing by the second and mighty cute! Construction of our house in a lot of progress, (photos soon , I promise) Carlos has been doing an amazing one-man-job while I watch over house and baby matters... So I came by to post some pics of my bub playing inside a box for the first time in this lifetime, today, hooray! xxx!


It´s a very happy half-a-birthday to you!

Half a year of mothering today. My boy so close to my heart, oh boy I love you. Made a paper crown for him in the morning, I gave him a wooden spoon to play with and papa a cassette tape. Later my parents came for a barbecue and we even had a tiny cake and blew candles! I was quite excited and singing happy half a birthday all day! On other news: I´ve been trying the baby led aproach to solids, but still haven´t gotten the whole hang of it. Avocado pieces are way to slippery for him to grab (I read you´re supposed to coat them on some kind of dust but I´m not sure what...) and today he was very happily munching on some cooked carrot batons, but a whole chunk came out the *other way*, undigested! (should I have cooked them a little more?) Any of you fellow mamas got any tips on this? So I´m very warm-hearted and tired and going to sleep now, I thought I´d post our birth story to celebrate but even though I´ve written it threee times, it still doesn´t seem just right... Good nite!



Been collecting images to show you guys how the spring is manifesting here in all its glory
p.s.: the photos are in a really high resolution, click on them to view larger. :)



a trip to the city and some family time-- balthazar so happy to play with his big cousin lupe-- a sun shiny day-- so hot!-- the sping is here-- soon a glimpse of the spring here farmside--