In the box

Hello my Peoples!! I missed you! Did you miss me? Been away from here looong long, but well, I guess not much news to share except: Baby is growing by the second and mighty cute! Construction of our house in a lot of progress, (photos soon , I promise) Carlos has been doing an amazing one-man-job while I watch over house and baby matters... So I came by to post some pics of my bub playing inside a box for the first time in this lifetime, today, hooray! xxx!


Tara said...

Que guapo Dana!! He is really beautiful! Love those baby blues! Congrats on building the house! Mucho amor!

one claire day said...

Very exciting to see the house coming along.

And your boy is sooo cute - love a baby in a box!

Carolina said...

Siii! Precioso mi sobrino en esa caja! Esta tan rico..... Love you all! Bacan el progreso de la casa!!

ashley said...

we have been reading the sweetest little baby book called Not A Box. this is exactly it, for a wee one the box can be anything. adorable boy, and how exciting that construction is well under way. x ashley