This might be illegal

This is a work in progress, something Carlos has been working on. I didn´t ask his permission to take a photo and put it up here, but I couldn´t resist... I love it!

The Place has gotta view

It´s quite different from living in the farm where the views where spectacular, but, considering we live in Santiago, a preety big city, and right next to the most downtown area of them all, I´d say this is a great view! Parque Bustamante as seen from my sixth floor balcony.
Also, check this out: Japanese mamma is potty training her ver little baby!! How smart is that?!


26 weeks!!

And some great great news: We found a midwife!! More about that soon to come. What do you think of that belly huh? Preety huge!! and we still have a long long way to go! I love you my little baby!


Books I Love: Ina May Collection

This is my Ina May collection. As you may or may not know, dear reader, I am pregnant for the first time in my life and very very happy to be. I´ve dreamed of being a mother all my life, and when I finally found a man I wanted to make a family with this desire became so strong that it was basically what I most wanted in the world and happily, shortly after I became pregnant with my little prince, my little beatiful boy.
I imagine birthing to be an amazing life changing event, the most powerful and outrageously exciting moment in life.
On a recent trip to San Francisco, I went into a bookstore and started looking at the childbirth books. I came across Ina May´s Guide to Childbirth and devoured it in a few days. It is completely inspiring, packed with beautiful birth stories told by the mothers themselves and infinitely valuable information provided by Ina May Gaskin.
After reading the book twice I was hooked and needed some more, so I ordered (and waited forever, since we live down here at the very bottom of the continent) Ina May´s first book, Spiritual Midwifwery, and the lovely Guide to Breastfeeding. They are all gems and I not only recomend them to pregnant women but to everyone and anyone interested in childbirth or, better yet, in Humans as a species. :)
Ina May Gaskin´s Website
I promise I flipped the images over but for some reason blogger keeps posting them like this... sorry...


Have a Lovely weekend!!

Hello my dearies!!! This is us on the subway wishing you a happy weekend!!! Spring is here and the weather is preety sweet. Plus, summer fruits are startin to appear! Cherries and strawberries and peaches thus far... thinking of making pie... yumm!


Introducing: CABRA

Cabra is our friend. She lives with us, we do co-sleeping and she´s waiting eagerly to meet the boy. We love you Cabra!!


Spirit Twins

I just read this here and just had to share. Love it!!!

Spirit Twins

Imagine this scene if you will.

Two babies are in utero confined to the wall of their mother’s womb, and they are having a conversation. For the sake of clarity we’ll call these twins Ego and Spirit.

Spirit says to Ego, “I know you are going to find this difficult to accept, but I truly believe there is life after birth.”

Ego responds, “Don’t be ridiculous. Look around you. This is all there is. Why must you always be thinking about something beyond this reality? Accept your lot in life. Make yourself comfortable and forget about all this life-after-birth nonsense.”

Spirit quiets down for a while, but her inner voice won’t allow her to remain silent any longer. “Ego, now don’t get mad, but I have something else to say. I also believe that there is a Mother.”

“A Mother!” Ego guffaws. “How can you be so absurd? You’ve never seen a Mother. Why can’t you accept that this is all there is? The idea of a Mother is crazy. You are here alone with me. This is your reality. Now grab hold of that cord. Go into your corner and stop being so silly. Trust me, there is no Mother.”

Spirit reluctantly stops her conversation with Ego, but her restlessness soon gets the better of her. “Ego,” she implores, “please listen without rejecting
my idea. Somehow I think that those constant pressures we both feel, those movements that make us so uncomfortable at times, that continual repositioning and all of that closing in that seems to be taking place as we keep growing, is getting us ready for a place of glowing light, and we will experience it very soon.”

“Now I know you are absolutely insane,” replies Ego. “All you’ve ever known is darkness. You’ve never seen the light. How can you even contemplate such an idea? Those movements and pressures you feel are your reality. You are a distinct separate being. This is your journey and you’re on your own. Darkness and pressures and a closed-in feeling are what life is all about. You’ll have to fight it as long as you live. Now grab your cord and please stay still.

Spirit relaxes for a while, but finally she can contain herself no longer. “Ego, I have only one more thing to say, and then I’ll never bother you again.”

“Go ahead,” Ego responds impatiently.

“I believe all of these pressures and all of this discomfort is not only going to bring us to a new celestial light, but when we experience it, we are going to meet Mother face-to-face and know an ecstasy that is beyond anything we have ever experienced up until now.”

“You really are crazy, Spirit. Now I’m truly convinced of it.”

-by Henri Nouwen and included by Dr. Wayne Dyer in his book “Your Sacred Self”

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Olrrait well, I´ve been the laziest blogger of them all as of lately. The truth is a very big event for us just took place: Carlos´art exhibit opened!!!! It´s amazing, really the huge Archangel paintings are beyond beautyful if I may say so myself as his loved love one and only. Well here are somo photos of the big day, featuring the 23 week belly bump!