Winter is definetly here
Carlos is out and it´s just the little one and I sheltering from the rain and cold.
We´re back in the city and I miss the Farm
I feel so much more alive and inspired there, I really do
But hey, I can´t complaint, I mean, look. at that. face. :)


Over your shoulder :)

He doesn´t really like being "worn" on the sling so much, so we usually end up carrying him around, except when he´s riding in his buggy. He loooves the buggy!
Still in the farm and expecting some rain. Have a cozy weekend!!
Love, d.



A year ago we where here at the farm, same place we are now. We were already pregnant but did not know it for sure yet. Now here we are again, spendingr the week trying to figure out what the next step will be. It´s temping to come back and settle at the farm again, but we´d have to build ourselves a house, since this little cabin is barely enough and it takes time and money. The city is exhausting and so contaminated, it´s really good to get out of there, even though it can get lonely round this parts. Just some random thoughts, I know it´s not much of a writing but I´m tired and my sweet baby is waiting for me in bed!

I love you so, I´ll eat you up!