Check. it. out!
How cool is my chair?
Oh yes: very!
Carlos painted it, or actually I believe it´s still a work in process.
Also: I love this song!! PRESS PLAY: Mayer Hawthorne, Just ain´t gonna work out.
Mayer Hawthorne- Just Ain't Gonna Work Out by Act1v Music

Vanessa Paradis- Joe le taxi

check it out, isn´t she cute?


Clouds of white washing

I am washing baby clothes for the first time!!!
The big day seems to be coming so soon now, I´ve started to get ready little by little. Yesterday I went to my sister´s (who has almost 2 year old twin boys) and collected a big bunch of baby clothes, mostly real comfy cotton jammie style stuff, and so today I´m doing first load of baby washing! With special baby detergent and all, :)
I forgot my camera on my brother´s car over the weekend so, no new photos for now, this sunshine shot is from december...
bless you and PRESS PLAY! Vashti Bunyan, Here Before
Vashti Bunyan - Here Before (11 April) by Arctic Circle Radio



That´s my sister smiling there with one of her boys...
Listen: Sean Nicholas Savage, and the song Misery Mountain, suggested by Carlos. PRESS PLAY!

Sean Nicholas Savage - Misery Mountain by Arbutus Records



Just spent a couple days away from home
it´s soooO good to be back it´s insane
makes my heart smile to come and find
a few little surprises my man prepared while i was gone
happy happy


33 weeks!

The Heat

I started playing around with Carlos´art materials yesterday and made this. It´s a work in progress, and so am I. Oh dear mother, pregnant in the summer in the hot hot city, I´m melting!! And I´m huge, you know like what? Like a MOUNTAIN! YES. THAT´S WHAT i AM, A TALL BIG MOUNTAIN IN THE SUMMER SUN.
Oh blogger why do you turn my photo to the side? Whyyyy????



Summer fruits i love you

Summer in Chile
SO hot
And I´m huge
The fruit, oh! the fruit
just beautiful
just wonderful
aahh thank the universe and mother earth for summer fruit in Chile!


Back in the City

So we ended up staying the whole week at my parents´ on the beach, from christmas to the New Year. It was relaxing and beutiful, and the fresh air much appreciated. Coming back to the city and our small apartment was hard at first, and now we´re just starting to get used to it again and organizing the spaces a bit here and there. Today we went to La Vega which is a huuuuge market where you can get mostly fruits and vegetables straight out of the trucks that come from all over the country and also lots of other stuff like meat or rice or eggs and really, it´s huge. It´s walking about a half hour from home, so it´s also a little bit of exercise for this pregnant lady. We got ourselves a brand new cart for carrying all of our goodies and then on the afternoon (or should I say the afternap?) I baked this delicious creation. The recipe is here, from the always wonderful Smitten Kitchen. Originaly it´s done with nectarines, and actually I made it with nectarines while we where at the beach and it turned out amazing, but this time I had a bunch of Apricots so that´s what I used. There´s quite a bit of brown butter in it and mmmmmm, well, let´s just say, I highly recommend you make it as soon as posible.
So here I am, staring the new year with a big pregnant belly and a sweet yummy tooth.
Smiles and happy new year to you.