This is the first piece of clothing I got for my unborrn baby! I ordered it from here. Isn´t it so cute and cozy?!!!
Carlos is crazy. He thinks there is no point on buying clothes for a baby since she´s going to grow out of them so quikly. This man is just so complicated I don´t know how I never noticed before! But I love him, bah! Well I am twelve and a half weeks pregnant, I´ll soon post my first belly photo I believe, and I´m very exited cause we´re going back to Chile to find a house to rent and I´ll get to begin nesting!! Jeje...
I plan to do some rearanging and uptading on the blog soon, it has been abandoned some...
Happy weekend!
p.s.: Notice how I said "she" refering to the baby, well it´s just a hunch


Blog Love

This Blog is amazing, you have to check it out, beautiful pictures, nice writing, great recipes, stylish NY life. Quite inspiring, I must say. You must check it out.
Image via Sweet Fine Day


Pregnant in a movie

Mmy two favorite pregnant charactes in a movie, in two great movies: Cate Blanchet´s charming role in The life aquatic with Steve Zissou, and Juno in Juno. Aren´t they gorgeous? They are! They are!


Georgia O´Keeffe

Last night we saw the film about great American artist Georgia O´Keeffe. What a strong, amazing, alive, inspiring woman! Beautifull femenine connection with nature reflects in her work. And I really loved something she said in the end. She said "sometimes when I get an idea for a picture I think, oh, how ordinary, why should I paint some old rock, some old hill or a flower that I can barely see anymore, why don´t I just go for a walk... but then I realize, that to someone else, it may not seem ordinary at all, so I do it, as best I can..."
I find that inspiring.
Have a great day