Look what I made for you my little Prince!

I am most proud and happy with the first finished piece I´ve made for our little prince. I am also knitting a white cotton thread blanquet which is taking rather long, but this kimono, made following this pattern is all ready and finished in the super delicious size "o-6 months"!! How sweet is that?


A Sneek Peek into our Home

Beautyful flowers, balloons leftover from my birthday, sunshine and some art. I love hangin in my little nest!


Lovely Belly with a Boy inside

20 and a half weeks belly
Love Love Love


About Birth

My birthday was spent so surrounded by loved ones and happiness, I feel so greatful. I have been thinking so much about birth options since I became pregnant and even before that. I´ve heard and read many different birth stories, and the homebirth ones always seem the most compelling because of the strength, the power , the grace, the faith portayed in them. I decided to contact one of the very few (actually I think there´s two) homebirth midwived that practice here in Chile. It didn´t go very well. I was hoping maybe I would feel a conection with her that could make me trust her and help me make a desicion, because truth be told, I am not sure homebirth is my choice yet, just because I have a small fear of what if something goes wrong, something unexpected happens and you´d better be at the Clinic. Well there was no such connection whatsoever and after we´d left her place I was feeling rather down. Will I find what I am looking for? I do trust everything will be allright, and I mainly trust this based on the fact that I can feel my little baby so present and alive inside of me, and also because I feel Carlos´absolute support at all times.
I wish for the arrival of our boy to be a magical, beautiful and empowering experience for all of us, I wish this with all my heart.


Happy Birthday to me

Today I turn 29. I have my own home and my growing little family, what more could I ask for? But I have a bad habit since I was little, always getting nervous and anxious and sad before my birthday, why? Maybe it´s just expectations... it happens on new years too, but I am grateful for everything that I have.
My little baby is so alive and present, a few days ago I started feeling him move and kick -or punch?- inside the belly. Feeling him makes me very happy and fills my heart with love... By the way; We´re half way there: 19 weeks!! Almost twenty, really. Blessings blessings and happy day.


18 weeks belly and some big big news

Well dear, this is quite the news: the grand addition to our family arriving next March is a boy!!!
Big surprise since instinct had said otherwise, but true it is!!
Now that I know it just seem so much more real, you know? Tangible, concrete: A Boy.
A little Carlitos
Well as you can see the belly is surely getting bigger at 18 and a something weeks, and people in the bus or subway are always offering me their seats, which is nice and kinda strange at the same time...
Wishing you a happy happy weekend: Here we go!!