About Birth

My birthday was spent so surrounded by loved ones and happiness, I feel so greatful. I have been thinking so much about birth options since I became pregnant and even before that. I´ve heard and read many different birth stories, and the homebirth ones always seem the most compelling because of the strength, the power , the grace, the faith portayed in them. I decided to contact one of the very few (actually I think there´s two) homebirth midwived that practice here in Chile. It didn´t go very well. I was hoping maybe I would feel a conection with her that could make me trust her and help me make a desicion, because truth be told, I am not sure homebirth is my choice yet, just because I have a small fear of what if something goes wrong, something unexpected happens and you´d better be at the Clinic. Well there was no such connection whatsoever and after we´d left her place I was feeling rather down. Will I find what I am looking for? I do trust everything will be allright, and I mainly trust this based on the fact that I can feel my little baby so present and alive inside of me, and also because I feel Carlos´absolute support at all times.
I wish for the arrival of our boy to be a magical, beautiful and empowering experience for all of us, I wish this with all my heart.


Tata said...

I'm so happy for you! You are looking more and more beautiful each day. Keep posting updates girly!

tea with lucy said...

it will be magical, beautiful and powerful where ever it happens!

i have experienced birth in a hospital and at home. both were amazing, but it was extra special at home.