Isn´t it good to be Home again?

We left our home thursday evening and headed for the "big city" with lots of things to do and only one day to all of them. We came back on friday night really late with Carlos´family. The rest of the weekend was spent coming and back and forth from here and the house where they where staying in the close by beach town Cachagua, spending actually all of both days there and coming here only to sleep and I must say it was all just exhausting, today was the first day I could be here all day and catch up with evrything. I know I must sound conceided and exagerated but well, I guess I´ve gotten used to going through my days on my own rithm and I love it. Just keeping the house clean, cooking and going for an inspiring walk on a gorgeous morning after it rained all night was enough to keep me busy all day and make me so happy. I am a home girl after all
PS: I would really love to upload my photos much bigger but I don´t know how to do it, please if you know how leave me a comment and teach me! Please!


Gian Hue said...

i love the way the day goes after a beautiful rainy night, it seems like a wonderfull place to live, enjoy.
lots of love

Carolina said...

ah, but if you click on the photo it goes into a new screen and is HUGE! Beautiful photo of my two lovelies...