Breakfast and Times they are a Changin

I haven`t been able to upload any new photos these days because I misplaced my camera`s battery pack charger. My dad took this one with his iphone this morning when he came to visit and surprised us having delicious breakfast with hash browns.
We are starting to wrap up this first three months living in the farm and planning our travels, which for me is bittersweet. It`s hard to say goodbye to a place I love and such an amazing time in our lives, but at the same time feel so happy for new things to come, new people, new places, new seasons and new moments.
It has been such a pleasure, this hole ride, and I am forever grateful.
In love, in love, in love and happy, I wish you all a good night sleep.


katiecrackernuts said...

It's a time to be on the move. I was walking in the sun today and felt a need to be somewhere else exploring new places.

cami said...

hey precious people i love! what a breakfast is that!? jajajajja
its nice that time are changing, its natural and fun

DANA said...

yes! that breakfast was delicious and right, isn´t it fun to plan a trip or even just imagine what it would be like to be someplace new... happy feeling!