Look what We made!

Since we´ve lived here, preety isolated with no car and the closest little grocery shop a half an hour walk away, we never bought bread again and have been baking our yummy own. I always improvise and just mix and hope for good results, but lately I became obsessed with baking a really nice loaf following a recipe and it was a fantastic success!!! I followed this recipe from Smitten Kitchen, and spent most of yesterday working (or waiting) on it. I had to replace the powdered milk for regular milk and the whole wheat flour for Rye cause that´s what we had, but it turned out great!! On the photos you can see the kneading, the bread ready to go in the oven and the final result finely sliced! I love it!! Yum! just had some of it for breakfast. Lovely lovely Wednesday!

Also, here´s a pic of me yesterday on one of my waiting for the dough to rise moments playing this little red guitar that Carlos made from scratch completely with his two hands! It has three electric guitar strigs and is beautiful!! Love!!!


mama bear said...

That bread looks amazing! And I can't believe he made you a guitar. What a beautiful gift.

danita said...

Ha! thanks for coming to visit mama bear! The bread was actually amazing for toast or sanwiches and I felt very proud of being the one who made it! Smiles.