Morning Walking

When we used to live here last year, we had no baby yet, and our mornings where quite slow... we didn´t get up until until eight thirty or nine and had extended moments at the breakfast table. Now with Balthazar, who wakes up every day in a striking good mood around seven, many mornings we set off, after (or sometimes before)some breakfast, and go out for early morning walks around the land. It´s winter now, and even though the days have been sunny and beautyful, the night time brings quite a chill, and early in the morning there is frost all over the bright green grass.
I absolutely love this new ritual, and so does specially the little one. He very much enjoys riding in his buggy covered with a cozy wool blanket my mama knit for him, but sometimes he just goes in arms or "worn" in a baby wrap.
Here are some shots for our early morning sunshine walk a couple days ago.
Wishing you the best I say good night, from a cozy spot close to the fireplace in the deep quiet night.

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Anonymous said...

Danister liinda!! que preciosas y emocionantes tu fotos y pensamientos y que riiiiico que estan alla cosa ma wena! te quiero tanto, u r my sis. my one n only sis.