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I have been keeping a little secret from you: We´re having a baby! I am 8 weeks today and to celebrate I decided to share this news with you. I now know what morning sickness is, have been taking almost guilt-free naps, prenatal vitamins and tea and reading the amazing and inspiring book Ina May´s Guide to Childbirth by Ina May Gaskin, wich makes me feel like I am strong enough to have a natural and hopefuly Home Birth. Although sometimes I doubt about how much personal things should go into this space, I basicaly felt like I couldn´t keep writing anything without sharing this most important news.
Love you little baby in my belly!

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Tata said...

OMGODDDDD! Felicitaciones!! Im sooo sooo sooo happy for you and excited! This is such amazing news! You two are going to be amazing parents and Im so thrilled for you! please keep us updated on everything! ahhhhh!!!! :) :) besos!