TOday I attended a Yoga class for the first time in about a year or so. It felt sooo good to strech out, stay still, focus on my breath and become aware of my body parts. Ii really look forward to practicing a lot during my pregnancy, it makes me feel powerful and confident and happy. I was all smiles on the way out wich is super good cause it actually has been hard addapting to a new country, new season, new weather, new everything lately. After the class we came home and cooked some delish italian handmade pasta with a "fressh sauce" wich was basically a salad of chopped tomatoes, garlic, onions and little ginger, topped with yummy parmesan. Loved it!!
Wishing you all a very good nite!
(the photo is me in 2004)

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Alicia Rodríguez Passalaqua said...

linda linda danita linda que disfrutas tu embarazo haciendo yoga y dandole espacio adentro tuyo a tu hijito o hijita.