LOVE LIFE´s last post of 2010

Happy new year!
My 31 weeks belly on december 31st
I´m so haaappyyyy!

2011 goals

My sister Jo, -well actually she´s Carlos´ sister so I can call her sister-, sent me this today, I hope it´s not to late in the day for you to do it before the new year comes, it´s a great way to end this year and start a new one, contiously observing the past and visualizing the future, commiting and setting our intentions where we want.

The Vow

My life is worth a billion blessings to all those I meet on my journey.

I am the heaven and all that exists in the sky above.

I am the vastness of my greatest thought and the infinite power that sources and sustains the entire universe.

On this day, I will remember who I am, what I am here for and why I chose the experiences that have come into my path this past year.

Today, I promise to leave the smallness of my darkest thoughts and melt with open arms into the never-ending, all-powerful love of my highest self.

Today, I surrender into the open arms of 2011, allowing each day of the upcoming year to surprise, comfort and nourish my soul's deepest desires.

I vow to return to the spark of the divine and use my power to light up the world.

This year, I will give to others what I want back for myself.

If I want love, I will find ways to love each and every person I come across.

If I want peace, I will think peaceful thoughts, say peaceful words and pray for peace for all those who are living in chaos, including myself.

If I want success, I will work diligently to help those around me succeed. I will stay focused, do my absolute best and seek excellence in everything I do.

If I want respect, I will begin by respecting life and all that comes with it. I will respect those around me and those who work hard to make this planet a better place. I will respect the earth, my body, my past and the gifts that I hold and I will surrender judgment for reverence.

In 2011, I trust that what I give to the world will be given back to me.

The Ritual

* Make a list of 10 experiences that blessed and nourished you in 2010.

* To complete 2010, write out why you chose the challenging experiences of the last year. Do this from the highest perspective so that you can find their gifts.

* Notice if you're carrying any dark, small or limiting thoughts into 2011. Write them all down. Affirm you don't need them anymore. They're not the truth. They're just thoughts. Then rip them up into 100 shredded little specks of nothing and throw them in the trash.

* Choose one quality (e.g., love, peace, success, respect, etc.) that you most want to express and commit to in 2011. Write out 5 ways that you can give and share this quality with others.

* Write down 5 goals that you feel inspired to commit to in 2011.

* Read this vow or use one of your own each morning to reconnect with the power you hold to light up the world.


Dear Baby Boy

Yesterday we went to the place where we made you
the place where we knew for sure that you would come
we love you so much dear baby boy
we don´t know your name yet, do you?
if you do please let us know somehow
you are the most amazing
we just love and love and love you forever

mamá y papá



On the beach this morning. Such an amazing feeling to breathe the inmensity of fresh air and how your eyes get the chance to see so much more than they do when closed between walls


We went away

We woke up yesterday on christmas morning and decided to head over to the beach to my parents´ house, so here we are! We might stay until New Years, depending on a few variables... I thought I´d be disconnected but turns out the internet is working!
Well, happy holidays and blessings from the Chilean seaside!



So, we´ve reached the last post of the December Photo Project. It´s been fun to be a part of it, posting everyday really brings a fresh breeze into the blog.
So this picture is... can you guess what it is?
:) smiles and love and happy holidays!



Mery Christmas!!!! I made these delicious chocolate balls for gifts, I´ll share the recipe soon, they´re a family tradition and really really yumm.
Blessings and have a great christmas!!!



A silly pose
showing of my 30 week belly!
guest photographer: Carlos, of course



Check. It. Out!!!! The dresser! Carlos finished it and it´s amazing and huge!! I love it! We´re thinking about whether to paint it or not, what do you think?
I love you dear readers, good night now!

Dear Baby Boy

Your Papa is building a dresser just for you! See he´s really quite a good carpenter, and he says he´ll teach you when you are a little older, I hope you like it! It´s going to have all your clothes and diapers and lotions inside, and a nice warm cozy blanket on top to change and pamper you!
Beautiful boy we love you so so soooo much and thanks for moving around in my belly so much, it feeels wonderful!



I baked this loaf of bread last night and we had some this morning for breakfast. It´s delicious! I love the taste and feel of homemade bread, plus it´s fun to make!



Lunch for two!! (and a half): Cous cous salad with crispy salmon and a plain lettuce salad on the side for extra freshnes- yum!



Um, yes well, had to leave the camera´s battery pack charging at home all day while I was out, so just took some shots arounds the house and this is what you get. :)



All the photos I´ve posted here so far for the December Photo Project I´ve taken myself, which I guess is the whole point, but, today we have a guest photographer, as this shot was snapped, not by me, oh no, not by me I shall say, but by the man. So this, my dears, is the exeption to the rule. :)



Just a random night shot of the loved Man of the House, or should I say Apartment? Today we saw a House we really liked and wondered why we rented this place, but truth is, it´s preety perfect for us right now, just the fact that there isn´t any studio space for Carlos is not so great, but It´s the little nest that we needed and really it allways feels sooo good to walk in through that door.
A happy thought.
Have a wonderful weekend!



its a little shirt i customized it for my friend cata´s baby shower (her baby son´s name is Noah) :)



We don´t live together now, she lives with my mom, but we Lo Lo Love her. :)

Swimming in the pool

My sister just emailed this pic to me, it was "the other day" me, my baby in the belly and my nephew and godson Tomasito in my parents` swimming pool!! Mmmmmmmmm water!



Lunch for one (and a half)



(The December Photo Project day 13) A crazy self portrait.


The Baby Belly, week 28

The December Photo Project Day 11

The sky on our car ride on the way back from Talagante, we went to see our midwives :). The boy is doing great and his heartbeat sounds like a handsmone healthy galloping horse.
Love to you all!


The December Photo Project Day 10

Carlos on an Alligator in our friend Anibal´s swimming pool



More images of my paper Snowflakes.
I decided to make them inspired by this post, and then I saw this one and realized some people are experts on this thing and I´m such a humble begginer! Still I´m very proud of mine and they look beautiful. *

The December Photo Project Day 9

My very first paper snowflakes!


The December Photo Project Day 7

This "a photo a day" thing has actually been kinda fun. I oh so wish I had a better camera though. So today I got new sandals! I hardly ever buy shoes cause I´m real picky and only like comfortable ones, which I think we all know are not easy to find. I´ve always been a fan of Birckenstocks, but I never went for such a cute model before!! And red!! Yep, went all out there. So here you have them, and that´s the stairs to get down from my sixth floor apartment, but, truth be told, I almost allways use the elevator.
I´m waiting for the butter to be "room temperature" so I can make these cookies. I´ll post them later if they turn out preety, jeje.
Have a good one!


The December Photo Project Day 6

Look what I got for the boy! It´s so soft and snuggly I just wish I had one in my size!


The December Photo Project Day 4

Just one of the shots from today at the Zoo: Tomás in the blistering sun.


The December Photo Project Day 3

My brother got hitched today, and this was his wedding cake! It was just a small reception cause they just did the "legal" part of the ceremony today, and the will have a Jewish ceremony with a big party on April (and I´ll be there with my boy fresh out of the belly!!).
Much happiness to Vincent and Merce on this special day!
My sister did all the cooking for a delicious brunch, and I made this Peonie arrangements. T´was a lovely day. <3


The December Photo Project Day 2

Basil growing on the balcony: I Love it!! In spanish it´s name is even preetier: Albahaca. Yumm!

The December Photo Project Day 1 (A day too late)

The december photo project began yesterday but just found out today and decided to join in on the fun. This is my first photo, which I did take yesterday so it´s still legal.
These are the first two granny squares I ever made, with the help of my lovely friend Ali who came over to teach me. After she left on Tuesday I haven´t succesfuly finished one by myself... oops... but I´ll keep trying. Thank you Ali!
If you want to join the December Photo Project and post a picture of each of the first 25 days of December, you can join here.