Dear Baby Boy

Your Papa is building a dresser just for you! See he´s really quite a good carpenter, and he says he´ll teach you when you are a little older, I hope you like it! It´s going to have all your clothes and diapers and lotions inside, and a nice warm cozy blanket on top to change and pamper you!
Beautiful boy we love you so so soooo much and thanks for moving around in my belly so much, it feeels wonderful!


Alicia Luz Rodríguez said...

dear little boy, everybody is waiting for meeting you <3

Paula said...

oh so sweet ;)

it seems MY mac does not let me comment... wierd, in my mom's pc I can...

love you.....


Danita said...

Paula: yes! that´s so strange that you can´t comment from your mac!!! I love you too for sure!!!