The December Photo Project Day 1 (A day too late)

The december photo project began yesterday but just found out today and decided to join in on the fun. This is my first photo, which I did take yesterday so it´s still legal.
These are the first two granny squares I ever made, with the help of my lovely friend Ali who came over to teach me. After she left on Tuesday I haven´t succesfuly finished one by myself... oops... but I´ll keep trying. Thank you Ali!
If you want to join the December Photo Project and post a picture of each of the first 25 days of December, you can join here.


Alicia Rodríguez Passalaqua said...

podemos hacer an other appointment la semana entrante, te parece? y te ashudo HASTA QUE APRENDAS MIERCALE

Danita said...

Ali!!! Si porfa, en todo caso no creas que se me olvido todo, es solo que tengo unas dudillas. :)