A little Pacience

Throughout my pregnancy I´ve read a lot of birth stories. Many of them start something like "I was so done being pregnant" or "I was just so ready to have this baby already", something like that. About a month ago I was thinking about this and couldn´t undestand it. I love being pregnant and I thought, how could you not have a little more pacience after all these months?
Well, as it turns out, it´s my turn now to be a little anxious and quite ready to meet my baby. Nine days ago my midwife told me she didn´t think I had much longer to go (I´m 39 weeks pregnant tomorrow), she said maybe a week or so. since she said this I started to become anxious and grew a feeling of "can´t wait any longer". I´ve been through a whole process of letting go of this idea and trying to just relax and realise the fact that baby will just be born when he´s ready (or when he knows I´m really ready) and that will simply be the perfect time.
Truth is it has been a long process that has gotten me to be calm and confident about birthing, and realising that it´s real, I´m really becoming a mother after all, after all the wishing and dreaming. Truth also is I´m a little tired of being huge and a little sore all over from not being able to sleep very comfortably as of lately.
Dear baby boy: I´m ready, I love you, come soon out of my belly cause I just wanna smell you and kiss you so so so very much. Mamá.

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La Franglaise said...

I remember thinking the same when I was pregnant. Being pregnant is the mnost amazing feeling in the world, so how could those women possibly want their baby out so desperatly? My thoughts exactly until I reached week 38 and my belly got bigger, heavier until I popped! :) Bon courage pour la fin xx