I wish to expand my conciousnes

I don´t like my previous post, is was empty and meaningless.
Also I think it´s not necessary to speak of such things, personal, yet superficial.
I was happy to recieve a comment from anna rummey whose blog I really like,
but it was a lame post.
I have been feeling kind of sad and lost the last few days, lacking meaning from life.
I feel I need to let go of old thought patterns and begin to be more conciouss about who
I really am, why I am here in this world and what my mission is, in accordance to not
only me but the entire Earth. I believe we are passing through a time of change and it
can sometimes be difficult, since our brains need to adjust to a new era.
I resolve to start exercicing because i don´t want to become fat and to take myself
more seriously, including my projects such as the recording of a music album.
This is very inspiring: worldpuja



Tata said...

Dana--its great that you want to focus on thoughtful changes in your life but you shouldn't feel bad about your last post! It was fun to hear the little things in your life that make you happy! Anywho you are going to do great things girl and I'm excited for you! Looking forward to some lovely updates on music and your life! :)

solarco said...

Oye si, I agree!! me gustò tu previous post, me gustò incluso mas qu este ùltimo....
let me explain: I liked the previous post because I feel it came more from your heart and it is far more innocent and spontaneous than the last one, that is more from the mind.
Don`t worry too much about who you really are, I have been telling you , and I`ve known you for a long time, who you really are is WHO YOU ARE, not who you sometimes feel you should be in order to get to be who you already are. Remember what John Lennon said " life is what happens to you while you are making plans"

I love you, keep the decision to exercise though....smile it will feel good

Love again,