photo of the cookies I made following this recipe

Olrrait well, i´ve been reading a lot of amizing blogs lately, simple blogs mostly run by women who are moms, maybe it´s just a generation thing, since I´ll be 29 this October and most of these mums are around this age. I feel like I need to really open up some more on my writing to make it interesting, even if there may may be one reading, well who cares! this may be just for me and for "posterity".

I am in a point in my life where I feel like I´ve done so much and yet so little. Maybe it´s not good to be comparing oneself with others, but for me that´s rather hard, I just do it. I have studied, dance, trapece, music, singing, yoga. My only real jobs have been as a yoga teacher and as a waitress. Right now is kind of a transition/pause period, because I´m living here in Tierras Blancas, in family´s farm with my boyfriend and learning how to use pro tools, a software that allows me to record and edit music. The main reason why I even decided to come here in the first place was, well maybe two reasons. First, I just always had dreamt of living like this, in nature and even more with the man I really love, and second, to support him and give him a chance to really focus 100% on finishing his current painting project. Now I do feel rather unfullfilled profesionally, I must say. I´ve become an expert at changing my mind and changing directions in my life and not such an expert at finishing what I´ve started or disciplining myself. There´s still so much I want to do, sometimes I feel like I´m too old to start anything new and then I realize, you know what? I not!

I know after the time we spend here there will be a lot more movement and hhopefully changes and challenges and well, life, and for now even though it may sometimes be trobuling my little head, just enjoying this peacefull beautyfull and rather romantic time in our lives.

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