Mama-made pants

I am no pro sewer, and had never made pants before, but turns out, I had to. There really aren´t many choices when it comes to shopping for baby clothes around here, and honestly, I needed the challenge, boy needed pants and it was fun all the while! I was getting more and more "crafty" during my pregnancy, but since the bub came earthside, I had not yet found the time/energy to persue any project beyond keeping the house somewhat clean and tidy, having food on the table and keeping baby happy, fed, clean and warm. But thus no more! I am back! Sewing machine you are a good friend oh yes indeed. I wanted to make pants that woold be sort of "bloomers", so I followed this tutorial, omiting the ruffles and freestyling a bit here and there.
First I made these ones with a thrifted "horses on a landscape" cotton printed fabric. I´m actually very happy with how they turned out. I don´t know if you can notice from the photos, but the hoses are "feet-up" jeje, my bad, but hey, my mum saw them and realised: you made them like that so that Balthazar can see the horses right side up from up! Smart lady indeed.
And then I made these ones from a soft striped wool fabric. They´re nice and soft but the cut is a little off, I wasn´t really going for this aladinesque sillouette, but oh well. On other news, tomorrow is my birthday, and I am very proud to say I will be thirty. A thirty year old wife and mama, smile.


lizerbeth said...

love the pants you made you baby.... good luck on the move to the farm, great blog!

ashley said...

Happy almost birthday, 30 is the new 20:) xx ashley
p.s. love his pants, groovy bubba!

two birds said...

happy belated birthday! i love the second pants, even if the cut is off. they look so adorable!