While it´s still officially spring, signs of summer have come to stay. where we live, the differences in the seasons are very, very notorious, specially in the colors. winter, summer and fall, the grass everywhere is bright green. The brightest green you´ve ever seen. Summer is a whole other thing, another pallete: GOLD. Every. where. you. look. golden golden dry and oh so hot.
I actually haven´t blogged in a while, and here i am, rambling about the color of grass, as if there´s nothing more to share. The truth is, Carlos has made HUGE progress on the building of our house, i took some photos a couple days ago but they allready seem outdated, it´s changing so fast! So i think i´ll better come back tomorrow to share some fresh ones.
Balthazar, my adored little boy is eight months today. He began crawling, in a comando style, this week, and has six teeth, two on the bottom on four on the top. he´s funny and cute and loves to giggle. i love him with every cell in my body, every thought in my mind and all the spark in my soul.
ps: cherries and peaches are in season. yum.
pps: this post is dedicated to my friend María in Switzerland who wrote my an email and told me to keep posting
ppps: happy 11 11 11


Liz said...

Hi! Beautiful pictures! We are heading into winter here in my neck of the woods.

I saw your comment on the Cup of Jo post (I posted after you) and I wanted to say good for you for co-sleeping and breastfeeding on demand. (I do the same with my nine month old baby girl. She's my third.)


tea with lucy said...

cherry time here too. yum! can't wait to see the house update!