Exhausted and... change is coming!!

This has been quite a busy week for us here in Santiago Chile. I´ve been gardening a lot, getting the plants ready for decorating last night´s wedding. It turned out really beautyful and everyone was happy. I have also been hanging out a lot with my sister and her twin sons, my adorable nephews who just turned one yesterday and had their super crazy full of people and babies party today!

It´s sunday night, eight and something p.m. and we where just here starting to relax and bring down the revolutions and there was a national blackout! for about fifteen minutes! the light just came back here 10 minutes ago and from what we heard on the radio apparently it was a national deal!! crazy stuff! it´s been preety moved since the earthquake and it´s followings.

So Carlos´ mother Karin is coming tomorrow with a TRUCK full, completely full, of stuff. She just dismanteled her bed and breakfast style little hotel and restorant at the beach in Quisco, so you can just try to imagine all the tables, refrigerators, beds, and well, things, she will bring with her, along with her husband and three tiny and hiperactive little sausage dogs.

Soon we´ll be out of this, our beloved home and off to form a new one together, me and my one and only! love love love!! (with of course our dear dog Juanita and our two cats, Paschat and Viernes)

Well here are some pics my love took of me working with those lively plants, soon a new update! I still need to go shoping for my music recording equipment and a mobile internet thing to take with me on our journey. Much love to my readers!! Blessings!!


Tata said...

ooh Dana you look gorgeous dahling! &the flowers came out so pretty! Glad it was a success! You go gf! I love viernes making an appearance too jijii. Are you getting all packed? I bet you guys have almost as heavy a load as my two suitcases. jaja. <33

Gina said...

i'd love to start gardening - that's definitely a skill i have not yet acquired. ps. you have beautiful hair! :)

Carolina said...

Que rico! Y que suerte! No sabes cuanto quisiera estar alli con todos ustedes en vez aca solita, snif! Besos a ti y a Carlos, esta lindisimo el blog!! Espero ver hartas fotos del campo para mantenerme informada de mis chiquillos! xoxox

* said...

jajaja thanx for the hair compliment! carolina linda we´ll be there to see you soon i´m sure!
and yes, gardening is delicious, specially with good gloves!