The Silence

Oh dear, the silence here at night is so deep i can´t sleep! It´s absolutely dark and silent. Today has been our second full day here, I must say I have yet to get the ritthm! I fell kind of wacky. So far the most productive things I´ve done aremaking bread, making pesto, and cooking stuff and cleaning up and organizing our bedroom. Carlos has been building non stop, shelves, kitchen counters, a rack for hanging clothes, everything is starting to look a lot nicer, we have our courtains up, and it looks good. He has been a lot more productive than me, I must say.
Yesterday I took a preety nice bike ride to town, but check it out, it took me two hours to go and come back! Craaazyyyyy!!
I will have to wait to upload some pictures, ok?
If you´re reading, send me some cheers, animo!!!
love love

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Carolina said...

animo danita! hay que puro pescarle el ritmo y llenarse del campo! los quiero mucho!