soon leaving, soon leaving

Encountered feelings

Hard to leave but i wanna, tired of packing, everything´s a mess but actually almost done. phew! jesus weesus transition period!! And, tomorrow is my really jewish cousin´s wedding, where there separate celebration is separate for girl and boys, men and women... anyways!! i just want to spend time with my family before leaving, even though i know i will be seeing them often, cause the campo is only an hour and a half away. I love my mama i love mis sis and her boys, i love you all my dear family!!!

I purchased my ¨music making machines¨this week, but i still have no idea how to use the software (pro tools). I will learn, that will be one of my main missions on the campo, along with keeping my heart in my relationship with my man, working on the land and making the cabin more beautifull and, of course, cooking!

We will have our bikes for transportation and a motorcycle that we can use... the beach is about 15 minutes away and a fantastic vegetable store really close...

well i write this in the middle of a packed room, stuff is everywhere!! I also have been getting rid of a lot of unnecesary clothes, and yesterday packed all our kitchen!! ALso our dog juanita was sick but is all better now.

well, actually, i better get back to packing.

Love love love love life.


Carolina said...

off you go on your adventure! good luck! i'm jealous!! i want a campo life too....!

danita said...

linda!! oye tu tienes un blog???

Tata said...

que bueno! happy that juanita is better. the twins look so cute! suerte with transporting everything! <3