My new home

It usually takes me a few days to get used to places, wich can be very upseting on short vacation trips, but i´m happy to say I´m now officially at home in my new home. C has made lots of cool new and necesary building, and every day goes by with a calm, airy feeling, with lots of sunshine, and always something to do. The night always have some kind of an animal adventure, like one of our cats getting into a fight or asking to get in and out again.
I feel real lucky to be living like this, inmersed in nature and with the man I love. They say what can´t kill you will make you stronger, well it´s safe to say this experience is making my love stronger, I feel blessed and protected and alive!!
I still can´t upload pics due to my slow mobile internet.

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Tata said...

Aw Dana this sounds lovely! Have you been making delicious food as usual? How's Juana? I want to see pictures! Miss everyone!