ok today im writing in english.

today started off melancolic, it was hard to wake up, specially since last night after watching that crazy new moon movie i dreamt of vampires... 
well i was feeling kinda sad about leaving the house and just tired. i went to pick up the flowers for the wedding that im prepairing, and after being sooooo exhausted got on a micro houme, the 501... some flaites got in through the back door of the micro and started a stupid riot out of wich i escaped like a runnaway princess... jaja 

today carlos said his mom is coming on monday! so we´re definetley moving to the farm sooner than i thought wich is scary and very exiting! the city is just colapsed in a subtle way and i realize what a privilege it´ll be to be out there in the vast fields staring at the everything.

tonight is tara´s last night here! we had guacamole and toasties and some popcorn with her friends and then some dinner watching feroz, a crazy chilean soap about warewholves!! jaja ja

anyways! am goin to sleep soon! here´s a photo from our trip to pomaire on saturday, me and carlos, picture pimped by tara.

bless! g´nite love love


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Tata said...

te quiero! gracias por el popcorn y pan y palta! Im going to miss you guys so much! ps. Fun reading in english! heheh