My new home

It usually takes me a few days to get used to places, wich can be very upseting on short vacation trips, but i´m happy to say I´m now officially at home in my new home. C has made lots of cool new and necesary building, and every day goes by with a calm, airy feeling, with lots of sunshine, and always something to do. The night always have some kind of an animal adventure, like one of our cats getting into a fight or asking to get in and out again.
I feel real lucky to be living like this, inmersed in nature and with the man I love. They say what can´t kill you will make you stronger, well it´s safe to say this experience is making my love stronger, I feel blessed and protected and alive!!
I still can´t upload pics due to my slow mobile internet.


The Silence

Oh dear, the silence here at night is so deep i can´t sleep! It´s absolutely dark and silent. Today has been our second full day here, I must say I have yet to get the ritthm! I fell kind of wacky. So far the most productive things I´ve done aremaking bread, making pesto, and cooking stuff and cleaning up and organizing our bedroom. Carlos has been building non stop, shelves, kitchen counters, a rack for hanging clothes, everything is starting to look a lot nicer, we have our courtains up, and it looks good. He has been a lot more productive than me, I must say.
Yesterday I took a preety nice bike ride to town, but check it out, it took me two hours to go and come back! Craaazyyyyy!!
I will have to wait to upload some pictures, ok?
If you´re reading, send me some cheers, animo!!!
love love


Here I Am

Wonderful! this mobile internet is super slow but here i am, posting my first post direcltly from the campo. I sit here alone waiting for carlos and juana and the things in the truck. My dad droped me off and will come back in a while, it is a warm sunny day, i feel tired but happy and calm. Viernes and Paschat, our cats, came with me but soon dissapeared, don´t they know i need them? Oh well.
New start! Hope to be back soon with an update and photos!


soon leaving, soon leaving

Encountered feelings

Hard to leave but i wanna, tired of packing, everything´s a mess but actually almost done. phew! jesus weesus transition period!! And, tomorrow is my really jewish cousin´s wedding, where there separate celebration is separate for girl and boys, men and women... anyways!! i just want to spend time with my family before leaving, even though i know i will be seeing them often, cause the campo is only an hour and a half away. I love my mama i love mis sis and her boys, i love you all my dear family!!!

I purchased my ¨music making machines¨this week, but i still have no idea how to use the software (pro tools). I will learn, that will be one of my main missions on the campo, along with keeping my heart in my relationship with my man, working on the land and making the cabin more beautifull and, of course, cooking!

We will have our bikes for transportation and a motorcycle that we can use... the beach is about 15 minutes away and a fantastic vegetable store really close...

well i write this in the middle of a packed room, stuff is everywhere!! I also have been getting rid of a lot of unnecesary clothes, and yesterday packed all our kitchen!! ALso our dog juanita was sick but is all better now.

well, actually, i better get back to packing.

Love love love love life.


The House I Leave

This is the house i´m leaving, well actually, this is the patio. It´s beautifull and I love it. Isn´t it great when one comes to love a place? I find it endearing to the heart. There´s a song by Cass McCombs entitled ¨The executioner´s Song¨, It has a line that goes: Ï love my job, almost as much as I do you, it´s a good job¨

I used to sing it changing the word ¨job¨ for ¨home¨ , try it!
Ain´t it just lovely? well here´s the crazy video from Cass´song.

Cass McCombs: ¨The executioner´s song¨


The big truck has landed, my mother in law is here, her million things are too, and i feel great. happy as can be and picturing the sky that will be above us in the farm. This picture i took there... breathe in breathe out!! change is fabulous, life is gorgeous, i feel good.
Esta es solo una imagen del colorido cumpleaños de ayer: tomás es el que mira para el lado y simón el que tiene la mano adentro de los chis pop.


Exhausted and... change is coming!!

This has been quite a busy week for us here in Santiago Chile. I´ve been gardening a lot, getting the plants ready for decorating last night´s wedding. It turned out really beautyful and everyone was happy. I have also been hanging out a lot with my sister and her twin sons, my adorable nephews who just turned one yesterday and had their super crazy full of people and babies party today!

It´s sunday night, eight and something p.m. and we where just here starting to relax and bring down the revolutions and there was a national blackout! for about fifteen minutes! the light just came back here 10 minutes ago and from what we heard on the radio apparently it was a national deal!! crazy stuff! it´s been preety moved since the earthquake and it´s followings.

So Carlos´ mother Karin is coming tomorrow with a TRUCK full, completely full, of stuff. She just dismanteled her bed and breakfast style little hotel and restorant at the beach in Quisco, so you can just try to imagine all the tables, refrigerators, beds, and well, things, she will bring with her, along with her husband and three tiny and hiperactive little sausage dogs.

Soon we´ll be out of this, our beloved home and off to form a new one together, me and my one and only! love love love!! (with of course our dear dog Juanita and our two cats, Paschat and Viernes)

Well here are some pics my love took of me working with those lively plants, soon a new update! I still need to go shoping for my music recording equipment and a mobile internet thing to take with me on our journey. Much love to my readers!! Blessings!!


ok today im writing in english.

today started off melancolic, it was hard to wake up, specially since last night after watching that crazy new moon movie i dreamt of vampires... 
well i was feeling kinda sad about leaving the house and just tired. i went to pick up the flowers for the wedding that im prepairing, and after being sooooo exhausted got on a micro houme, the 501... some flaites got in through the back door of the micro and started a stupid riot out of wich i escaped like a runnaway princess... jaja 

today carlos said his mom is coming on monday! so we´re definetley moving to the farm sooner than i thought wich is scary and very exiting! the city is just colapsed in a subtle way and i realize what a privilege it´ll be to be out there in the vast fields staring at the everything.

tonight is tara´s last night here! we had guacamole and toasties and some popcorn with her friends and then some dinner watching feroz, a crazy chilean soap about warewholves!! jaja ja

anyways! am goin to sleep soon! here´s a photo from our trip to pomaire on saturday, me and carlos, picture pimped by tara.

bless! g´nite love love



antes de partir

Bueno he decidido iniciar este blog para documentar esta nueva experiencia que comienza. Con mi amor Carlos hemos decidido, luego del gran terremoto que azotó Chile, partir a vivir al campo, un campito al lado de Catapilco en la comuna de Zapallar, V región, por unos tres o cuatro meses antes de irnos fuera del país  a continuar con las aventuras.

Por el último año hemos vivido en esta casa en Ministro Carvajal número 2. En esta casa nos enamoramos y hemos vivido innumerables y divesísimas experiencias, que trataré de relatar (algunas) antes de empezar a bloguear, en un par de semanas más, desde el campito.

Iremos a arrancar de la ciudad, el ruido, los excesos de gente y autos y etc, para internarnos en el silencio, los pajaritos, el olor a tierra y a hojas y color verde verde de los prados. Allá esperamos ser muy disciplinados y llevar una vida tranquila que incluya buenas horas de trabajo. 

Carlos va con la misión de terminar los dos Ángeles que faltan para completar la sere de siete que planea exponer, y yo voy con la misión de por primera vez concentrarme en serio en frente de las máquinas necesarias para transformar mi inspiración musical en algo concreto y grabado en la mejor calidad posible. Espero mañana lunes ya comprar los equipos que me faltan, con los cuales tendré mi propio pequeño estudio de grabación... en medio de la nada!

Ayer se fué de vuelta a Estados Unidos Courtney, una de las grandes amigas que nos hemos hecho viviendo en esta casa, también se fué la pequeña Katrin de vuelta a Alemania pasando por Buenos Aires. Hoy llega Valentine, nueva hica desde Francia y el martes se va Tara, otra gran amiga de Los Ángeles, California. Mucho movimiento!

Bueno este primer post lo escribo sentada en mi cama en esta pieza que parece que hubiera pasado un tornado, entre el desayuno y la ducha.

love you all 
see ya soon...